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Write, read, and illustrate a sentence.

Wriddle helps kids master these essential skills for learning and communication. Kids practice reading, writing, and art skills through creative repetition.

"My kids would come home from school with a stack of papers each with a drawing and a sentence. I loved reading their creative spelling. But, something was always missing. Their voice! One or two ended up hanging in my office. Most ended up in the recycling.

I figured there had to be a better way. A way that let me hear their voice, and involved less trees. A way I could look back years later and see their drawings, read their writing, and hear their voice. It had to be as simple and straightforward as colored pencils and paper. No extra bells and whistles, no trying to be everything to everybody. That is Wriddle."

Melinda Kolk
Designer, Wriddle

National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

A better way to do parent-teacher conferences

With Wriddle, teachers can create a collection of a student's work to share with their parents. Imagine sitting with parents and showing three examples of writing and art from the last few months and for each example there is also their child's voice reading what they wrote. You build incredibly strong connections between the parents, their child, and the work that they are doing in school.

Which account is right for you?

Wriddle has four account levels depending on whether you want to use Wriddle with your child, are a teacher and want to use Wriddle with your students, or you want to use Wriddle across your entire school or district.

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